Anuga FoodTEC 

Köln, Hall 6.1 Stand B088

20.03. - 23.03.2018



Frankfurt, Hall 6 Stand B32

11.06. - 15.06.2018




15.09. - 20.09.2018



VSM hand tightening nut

The newly developed hand-tightening nut is making it possible to install and remove the mixing tools on all GLASS specialty-food mixers and tumblers without the need for tools.

To securely mount the mixing tools on our machines, we use a thread at the end of the mixing shaft. This has been a proven solution for more than 40 years.


In the past, to change the mixing tools, the capped nut at the top of the thread had to be loosened and tightened with a wrench.

With the newly developed hand-tightening nut, a planetary gear multiplies the torque by a factor of six, making it now possible to loosen and tighten the nut by hand without the use of additional tools. Since no tools are required, the time required for checking, cleaning and storing of the tools is also saved. The design of the new hand-tightening nut allows it to be retrofitted to all existing GLASS machines.


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